Eric Swenson

I'm a full stack developer with over 20 years of experience in bringing web applications to life. My disciplines include database architecture & maintenance, server administration, CRM development & integration, full-cycle project design & implementation, as well as project & team management. From advertising to healthcare, customer service to entertainment, e-learning to e-commerce, I've worked to bring technologies together into user-friendly solutions.

What I Do


A variety of languages & methodologies, including HTML, PHP, Coldfusion (CFML & CFScript), ASP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, JSON, and XML.

Project Design & Execution

Defining needs and imagining solutions. Taking ideas from inception, to planning, to implementation. Creating new applications from scratch.


Using a wide variety of sales and sales-management solutions such as Shopify,, responseCRM, Konnektive, and many more.

UI / UX Implementation

Bringing concepts to interactive reality using tools like CSS, AJAX, and jQuery to deliver a better, more fluid user experience.

API Development & Integraiton

Taking systems that do not natively communicate and linking them together. Creating both the information provider and receiver.

Database Administration

Administering existing systems or crafting data models from the ground up to meet the needs of specific projects using MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle.

Who I've Worked With